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  1. Are you an Alex Rider superfan?

    Test your knowledge and enter The Alex Rider Challenge, for a chance to win a Playstation 3, the entire Alex Rider series, and a signed copy of Russian Roulette, the deadly prequel to the Alex Rider series, out this September.

    10 runners-up will also receive a signed copy of Russian Roulette.

    Competition open to residents of the UK and Ireland only.

    Closes Wednesday 30 November 2013 at 5 p.m. (GMT)

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  2. Are you an Alex Rider superfan?

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  3. Mission 1
    Do you know your Alex Rider missions?
    You have 60 seconds to put these Alex Rider missions in order!
    1. 1
      Point Blanc
    2. 2
      Eagle Strike
    3. 3
    4. 4
      Scorpia Rising
    5. 5
      Skeleton Key
    6. 6
      Ark Angel
    7. 7
      Crocodile Tears
    8. 8
    9. 9
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  4. Mission 2
    “He carried three credit cards and a driving license, issued in ________”
    Read the extract from Russian Roulette to find the answer.
    • London
    • Swansea
    • Manchester
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  5. Mission 3

    In Russian Roulette, Yassen Gregorovich has to complete his Scorpia training on the island of Malagosto. Yassen must train in many areas including weapons, fitness and deception. Most of all, he has to learn how to think quickly. Can you demonstrate quick thinking with this question?

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  6. Mission 3

    You are captured by your enemy, and are given three rooms to choose from. 001, 002 or 003.

    The first is full of lions that haven't eaten in 6 months, the second is full of raging fires, and the third contains a deadly assassin.

    Which room is the safest choice? Think quickly, but be careful, as you only get one attempt.

    Enter your answer below. You have 2 minutes. Type your answer in the format 008.

    Correct. Lions who haven’t eaten in 6 months will be dead.

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  7. Mission 4

    Who played Yassen Gregorovich in the 2006 film of Stormbreaker?

    Select one of the options below:

    • Damian Lewis
    • Daniel Craig
    • Clive Owen
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  8. Mission 5
    Match the villains with the mission that Alex Rider first encountered them in.
    To make a selection, click on the book and then the matching villain.
    • Snakehead
    • Eagle Strike
    • Skeleton Key
    • Point Blanc
    • Stormbreaker
    • Colonel
    • Herod
    • Major
      Winston Yu
    • Zeljan
    • Dr Grief
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  9. Mission 6

    At the beginning of Eagle Strike, Yassen Gregorovich goes on a mission with an agent codenamed Hunter. But what was Yassen’s codename?

    Select one of the options below:
    • Wolf
    • Cossack
    • Commander
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  10. Mission 7
    Think you've got the trained eye of a secret agent?

    Pay close attention to the trailer from Russian Roulette.

    We will be testing you when it's finished!

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  11. Mission 7
    What is different about this image?
    Click on the part of the photo that appears different from the clip you just watched.
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    Watch Trailer
  12. Result


    You’ve been entered into the prize draw to win a PlayStation 3 and and an entire set of the Alex Rider series, including a signed copy of Russian Roulette.

    Now, let’s find out how you did…

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    Russian Roulette is out on 12 September. As an extra reward for completing the challenge, here’s a link to the first chapter of Russian Roulette. Enjoy.

Russian Roulette - Extract

Nobody noticed him. It was actually a skill, something he had learned, the art of not being seen. Even the clothes he wore – expensive jeans, a grey cashmere jersey and a loose coat – had been chosen because it made no statement at all. They were well-known brands bud he had cut out the labels. In the unlikely event that he was stopped by the police, it would be very difficult for them to know where the outfit had been bought.

He was in his thirties but looked younger. He had fair hair, cut short, and ice-cold eyes with just the faintest trace of blue. He was not large or well built but there was a sort of sleekness about him. He moved like an athlete – perhaps a sprinter approaching the starting blocks – but there was a sense of danger about him, a feeling that you should leave well alone. He carried three credit cards and a driving licence, issued in Swansea, all with the name Matthew Reddy. A police check would have established that he was a personal trainer, that he worked in a London gym and lived in Brixton. None of this was true. His real name was Yassen Gregorovich. He had been a professional assassin for almost half his life.

The hotel was in King’s Cross, an area of London with no attractive shops, few decent restaurants and where nobody really stays any longer than they have to. It was called The Traveller and it was part of a chain; comfortable but not too expensive. It was the sort of place that had no regular clients. Most of the guests were passing through on business and it would be their companies that paid the bill. They drank in the bar. They ate the “full English breakfast” in the brightly lit Beefeater restaurant. But they were too busy to socialise and it was unlikely they would return. Yassen preferred it that way. He could have stayed in central London, in the Ritz or Dirchester, but he knew that the receptionists there were trained to remember the faces of the people who passed through the revolving doors. Such personal attention was the last thing he wanted.

A CCTV camera watched him as he approached the lifts. He was aware of it, blinking over his left shoulder. The camera was annoying but inevitable. London has more of these devices than any city in Europe, and the police and secret service have access to all of them. Yassen made sure he didn't look up. If you look at a camera, that is when it sees you. He reached the lifts but ignored them, slipping through a fire door that led to the stairs. He would never think of confining himself in a small space, a metal box with doors that he couldn't open, surrounded by strangers. That would be madness. He would have walked fifteen storeys if it had ben necessary – and when he reached the top he wouldn't even have been out of breath. Yassen kept himself in superb condition, spending two hours in the gym every day when that luxury was available to him, working out on his own when it wasn't.

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