Met Alex Rider on the Stormbreaker and Eagle Strike missions.

Name: Yassen Gregorovich
Appearance:Blond, close-cropped hair with a smooth face. Body of a dancer with clear, hard blue eyes. Pale, expressionless face with almost feminine eyelashes and chiselled lips.
Unique Characteristics:Scar on his neck from bullet graze. Never sleeps for more than four hours, said to believe the night is too valuable.
Age:Thirty-five years old, although looks to be in his late twenties.
Languages:Speaks nine languages and was learning Japanese in the Eagle Strike mission. No trace of an accent, or, when there is, only very slight trace of Russian
Locations:Born in Russia.
Career:Contract killer who worked for many countries including Serbia, Libya and China. Killed Ian Rider. Tells Alex in the Stormbreaker mission that "Killing is for grown-ups and you're still a child".
File Notes: Worked with John Rider when he was nineteen in the Amazon jungle. See the Stormbreaker and Eagle Strike mission files for full report.
Known Associates:Herod Sayle and Damian Cray.