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Thu Sep 18 2008
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If you haven't discovered my Power of Five series, I hope you'll check out Necropolis which is the fourth instalment and the first book I have ever written featuring a girl as one of the main characters. It's set in England, Peru and Hong Kong and imagines what would happen if demons and ghosts managed to take over not just a house – but an entire city.

Think about where you live. Suppose everything was controlled by dark forces ... the internet, the police, the schools, the very air. Necropolis actually means "city of the dead" and that's exactly what happens in the story.

Scarlett Adams, the fifteen-year-old heroine, finds herself trapped in Hong Kong. Worse than that, she's being used as a bait to draw in the other four teenagers who, like her, have special powers. And all the time, something huge and terrifying is drawing ever closer. It has the power to destroy half the world ... but it's only in the final chapters that you find out what it is.

Necropolis follows on from Raven's Gate, Evil Star and Nightrise but you don't necessarily have to have read the other three. I think it's one of my darkest and most action-packed books yet and I hope you enjoy it.

Anthony Horowitz

Necropolis is out on the 30 October. Make sure to check out the Power of 5 website at for the story so far and dark downloads.

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