The Gentleman: One of highest paid and most successful contract killers in the world. In real life he is around thirty years old. He was given the nickname because he always sends flowers to the families of his victims.

Skoda:Drug dealer in his twenties. He is bald, with two broken stumps for front teeth and five metal studs in his ear. He is called Skoda after the make of his car. He sells drugs to children at Brookland - one of whom is Colin, previously one of Alex’s best mates.

Mike Beckett: Blond hair, ugly, with twisted lips and three days’ stubble. Skoda’s business partner in drugs; they met in prison.

Mr Baxter:Plump, about forty, with yellow hair slicked back and middle-aged face with puffy cheeks and thick, fatty neck. Glasses and small moustache. English, upper class. Plastic surgeon.