Alex Rider meets Julia Rothman when he is recruited into Scorpia.

Name: Julia Charlotte Glenys Rothman
Appearance:Black hair, upturned nose, long black hair in waves to shoulders. Brilliant dark eyes, blood-red lips and perfect teeth.
Age: Unknown, must be in her forties, if not fifties, by the time she met Alex Rider.
Location: Born Aberystwyth, Wales
Family: Parents were Welsh nationalists who were imprisoned when Julia was six. Julia grew up in institutions - this was the start of her criminal career. She was married to a multimillionaire who fell to death from seventeen storeys two days after the wedding.
Personal Interests:Loves food and champagne.
Case File:She was in love with John Rider but never met Helen, Alex's mother. She is known to be ruthless. She is one of twelve original founding members of Scorpia. See Scorpia for her role in the death of John and Helen Rider.
Current Status: See Unusual Deaths for current status. See Scorpia for full report.