Alex Rider met General Alexei Sarov in the Skeleton Key mission.

Appearance: Not big, but radiates power and control. Close-cut iron-grey hair with pale blue eyes, and an emotionless face. Dresses in suits.
Age: Born in 1940, sixty-two years old when he met Alex, but looked twenty years younger.
Career: Was a commander in Russian army when still the Soviet Union. Hero of the old Russia. Made general when thirty-eight; fought in Afghanistan for ten years, rising to be second in command of Red Army.
Family: Married when thirty; wife gave birth to Vladimir (his son) in c.1971. A first-class athlete, Vladimir joined the army in 1988 when he was sixteen. He was killed in Afghanistan.
Personal habits: Ran twenty-four miles around the plantation every day before breakfast. Allowed himself a thimbleful of coffee once a day.
Current Status: See Skeleton Key