Alex Rider met Dr Hugo Grief in the Point Blanc mission.

Appearance:Short white hair and a colourless face. White skin with grey tongue. Wears circular wire specs with dark red lenses. Dresses in dark suits.
Age: Almost sixty years old at the time he met Alex Rider.
Unique characteristics:Long fingers with beautifully manicured nails. South African accent. Moves as if every bone in his body has been broken and then put back together again.
Languages: Speaks Afrikaans and English.
Personal Interests: Supported apartheid; admires Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon.
File Notes: Creator of the Gemini Project. Apparently one of South Africa's foremost biochemists for many years. Head of biology department at University of Johannesburg. Height of his career was being minister for science in the 1960s, when still in twenties. In 1981 stole money from the South African government and moved to France. See Point Blanc for full report.
Current Status: See Unusual Deaths for current status. See Point Blanc for full report.