Alex Rider met Damian Cray on his Eagle Strike mission.

Appearance:Very short, jet-black hair (dyed). A round face with green eyes and a small nose positioned almost unnaturally in the centre of his face. Thick lips with perfect white teeth and blue-tinted specs. Probably has had plastic surgery.
Locations: Born in north London. Mansion in Bath, Wiltshire.
Age: Born on 5 October 1950.
Family:Father was Sir Arthur Lunt, who made his fortune building multi-storey car parks.
Education: At eleven he was sent to the Royal Academy of Music, London due to his good singing voice. He sung there with a boy who became Elton John.
Career: When he was thirteen, his parents were killed after a car fell on top of them from the top floor of one of their car parks. Harold travelled. He spent time in India, turned to Buddhism for while and then became a vegetarian. H returned to England in the seventies and formed Slam! band. At the end of the seventies the band split and Cray changed his name (he was christened Harold Eric Lunt). He began a highly successful solo career. First solo album Firelight, went platinum and he was seldom out of the UK/USA top twenty. He won five Grammys and Academy Award for Best Original Song. At Christmas his single Something for the Children sold four million copies. He was knighted by the Queen in 1990 and donated a million pounds to the government before the last election. He owned a television station; hotels and a computer company, Cray Software Technology (CST).
File Notes: He was about to launch a new game system, called Gameslayer. The company called the First game, which Alex demonstrates, is Feathered Serpent, based on Aztec civilization. His aim was to fire twenty-five missiles at targets he had chosen around the globe - drug targets. See Eagle Strike for full report.
Current Status: See Unusual Deaths for current status. See Eagle Strike for full report.