Jacques Lefevre:French tennis player, twenty-two years old. New to Wimbledon tournament.

Jamie Blitz:German tennis player, one of the favourites at Wimbledon.

Owen Bryant:American tennis player.

Wally Walfor:Ex-RAF sergeant responsible for looking after the Wimbledon ballboys and girls.

Rodriguez:Head of security at Santiago Airport on Skeleton Key.

Garcia:About seventy years old, smokes, face, arms and neck are sunbeaten and withered. Thin. Heavy smoker. CIA have been paying him over the years to keep them informed, and to help them when they’re on Skeleton Key.

President Kiriyenko:First names, Boris Nikita. Russian president. Slight, small and bald. Likes his alcohol.

George Prescott:Airport security guard at Edinburgh Airport. About fifty years old, greying hair and sunken chin. Stomach bulges over belt and trousers stop about two centimetres short of ankles. Self-important and smug, a typical petty official.