Shortly after joining MI6, Alex was sent to an training camp in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, where he trained for eleven days with the SAS.

With K Unit, led by Wolf, Alex learned map-reading, radio communication and first aid. He took part in an unarmed combat class and completed an assault course.

As part of the training, Alex and K Unit took on the Killing House, a mock-up of an embassy used to train the SAS in the art of hostage release. He then went on a forty-kilometre hike, carrying a ten-kilo rucksack, in only twelve hours.

Alex did not participate in parachute jump training with the rest of K Unit, but did learn how to pack a parachute, how to control it and how to land. He was also prevented from using the firing range, as it is MI6’s policy not to allow Alex guns or other deadly weapons on his missions.