Net profit

Alex avoids being knifed by Franco when he is lying helplessly on his back by throwing a fishing net over his enemy. This entangles Franco, who is then finished off by a karate kick.


Alex is forced to take part in a bullfight. He runs at the bull and throws the cape over bull's eyes, so the bull cannot see. In the confusion, Alex snatches up the banderilla - the hooked lance - and throws it at Franco in the audience. Buried in Franco's shoulder, the hook’s barbs make it impossible for Franco to pull out.

Stop or I’ll chute

Alex finds himself on the run from enemies with guns on the roof of a six-storey building. Fortunately for Alex, building work has been taking place. He launches himself over the edge of the roof, and slides down an orange pipe designed to carry builders' debris down to the street. He goes down the pipe legs first; the tube is shaped like a stretched-out 'J'. The men following him are too big to fit, so he gets away.

Clip trip

Alex uses the four magnetic bicycle clips given to him by Smithers to secure himself to the side of one of the trucks going into the CST compound in Amsterdam. Dressed like the company logo character ‘Omni’, in black ninja clothes, Alex clings to the metal panelling in exactly the same position as the picture underneath him, and thus escapes the attention of the guards.

(Very) Hot Dogs

When Alex comes out of train station in Amsterdam, he sees six Smart cars waiting for him outside – and not to welcome him. As a diversion, Alex fires the two heat-seeking missiles from his Cannondale Bad Boy bike. They home in on the hottest thing in the square – the grill of a hot-dog stand – giving Alex a chance to make his escape in the resulting confusion.

Pedal power

Alex is desperate to cross the canal in Amsterdam to avoid his pursuers on motorbikes, but there is no bridge in sight. However, a glass-topped cruiser is turning in the canal, swinging diagonally across the water so it is almost touching both banks. Alex propels himself into the air and across the boat, leaving a trail of oil behind him from his water bottle. The reinforced glass roof of the boat can take his weight, and he pedals along its full length, soaring off onto other side of canal. However, the motorbike following him is too heavy, and crashes through the roof into the cabin.

Gun-armed Bandits

Five black Suzuki Bandit 400cc bikes join in the chase through Amsterdam, and are defeated by Alex and his modified bicycle. One motorbike loses control as it drives over the oil slick produced as Alex presses the green button, colliding with the second. The third bike crashes into the tourist boat which Alex's bicycle is light enough to ride over (see above). Then two more Bandits join in, and Alex sees a man on foot in front of him holding a machine gun. Alex uses the yellow button to blind the man in front of him with his powerful headlamp, and sets off the smoke pump to cloud the bikes behind him. The man with the machine gun takes out one Bandit by accident, and the second smashes into a brick wall and runs over the man with machine gun.

Safety feature

Nearly safe from his pursuers in Amsterdam, Alex tries to cross an opening bridge, but realizes he will not make it in time on his bike. He presses the red button - the ejector seat - and is propelled across the gap and safely over to the other side. Under the saddle is a message from Smithers: "If you can read this, you owe me a new bike." The Smart car following him ends up in the water. For more information on the vehicles used in this chase, click here.